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Waste is resource and resource is commodity

Waste collection and separation are important processes within the chain of primary- and resource production as well as in recycling. This implies eco-friendly PE, which is 100 % recyclable. Disposal is an omnipresent subject. We turn it into a comfortable task by producing waste sacks and bags in any size and shape, Yellow Bags, round bottom sacks and side gusseted sacks for industry, trading, cities and communes.

S&Z customer solution

Disposal-help at the Berlin airport
Encoded drawstring refuse sacks were developed as part of an innovative waste-concept. Every drawstring sack is printed twice with a number and a bar code, both smudge-proof and legible. The code is placed at the outside of the last sack on the roll. Additionally, the sacks are dyed in different colors, depending on the type of waste inside, like paper and cardboard, glass, residual waste and plastic. For a correctly sorted collection of waste, shops, companies and facilities within the building get these bags. Once they are filled they are weighed and disposed by a central chute. The barcode enables an accurate accounting of disposal fees because every sack can be assigned to the particular enterprises.