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Plastics industry relies on its finest product: PE

PE is not only the most-produced plastic worldwide, it is also used in the most versatile form by the plastics industry itself. For example as packaging- and transport tool. S&Z delivers PE in any imaginable shape: from flat cuts over shrink hoods/covers and stretch films to cross bottom valve sacks and Joker® bags. As exPErts we advise industrial customers to cost optimization in form of films reduced in thickness or modern service logistics.

S&Z customer solution

Film with reduced thickness saves costs
A global manufacturer of piping systems made of plastic bought for many years a 200 my strong film. Its objective was the use of a thinner film without losing quality. S & Z patterned a film with reduced thickness of 165 my. With the 20% thinner film the customer suffered no loss of quality and at the same time was able to save 10% of its costs in the purchase of films.