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PE-packaging as exclusive advertising medium

In no other industry sector, PE-packaging and bags have a comparable advertising impact like in the world of fashion. Besides its useful and protective function, they also play an important role as promotional items. Therefore we specialized on the individualizing of protective covers and bags for clothing. Windows, hanger-holes or hook-and-pile fasteners, many details are possible. The same applies to bedding packaging for the hotel and restaurant industry. Of course every material can be imprinted in premium quality. Talking about quality, price and service, we are unbeatable within the said industrial sectors.

S&Z customer solution

Smooth on the inside, blunt at the outside
Our customer’s requirement was to develop a film that is blunt at the outside and smooth on the inside, for the ideal storage of textiles. To that point a regenerated film was in use. We developed a new product out of Coex-film, which did not only fulfill the required properties but also was reduced in thickness.