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Joker® bags make packing go like clockwork

With our production of pre-opened bags we offer our customers a special economic packaging solution for small and mid-size series. For the packaging of numerous products pre-opened bags are non-competitive with regard to efficiency and speed. The application of imprinted pre-opened bags out of food safe polyethylene enable the selling of food, sweets, pet food, pharmaceutical products and bulk goods right after the packing process.

S&Z offers pre-opened bags from 62 to 600 mm of width out of various materials like PE, PP, composite-layer film or coextruded film. Depending on the requirements it can be chosen from material thicknesses between 35 µ to 120 µ. The variations range from header, tear taps, zipper over sliders and corner welding to hang-up perforation and many more possibilities. As exPErts we love giving you advice concerning the advantages of pre-opened bags for your company. Follow this link for more information: www.kettenbeutel.de (German).