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Bags à la carte

Joker® bags
S&Z produces Joker® bags in various sizes, materials and configurations. The ranges of application for Joker® bags, which are both practical and attractive in terms of price, are huge: Food, paper and textiles, pharmaceutical products, powders and granules, households and crafts. As system providers we deliver complete solutions around Joker® bags – from bag to machine.

Our exPErtise: custom-made production on demand. You will be surprised how versatile Joker® bags are. Feel free to ask!

Bottom seam bags and sacks/ Flat- and side-gusseted sacks                        

These bag-families at S&Z are extraordinary big and can be produced in the most different variations. Flat- and side-gusseted bags with seam on the backside are particularly good for packing soil, peat and fertilizer.

Side sealed bags                         

Our side sealed bags can be equipped with additional welded pockets and are made of PE-HD and PE-LD. Just like our punched handgrip carrier bags with reinforcing tape.

Print and Finishing                         

Bags are the perfect ad space. Our brilliant 10 color-flexo print turns a simple bag into an ambassador for brands. Even metallized printing ink, holograms or hot stampings are possible and make plain bags real eyecatchers.