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Seven good reasons for S&Z?

1. Customer orientation!
Every single employee at S&Z endeavors to fulfill your requests and wishes beyond your expectations. Customer orientation is a central company value and you can feel that in every stage of cooperation with us.

2. The pursuit of Innovation!
Our competence regarding solutions is based on our knowhow and the ambition to offer you the perfect packaging. With every product and every solution we think forward. This includes the consistent orientation to the technically essential.

3. Individuality!
We love anything but standard. With this, S&Z sets milestones in product development. Developing successful product solutions that have never been produced before and that are complementary to your functional and economic requirements, this is our incentive.

4. Niche-competence!
We cope with the niche. It is not the mass in form of standardized commodity that counts, it is the class with which we understand and implement you and your packaging challenge.

5. Finishing!
S&Z does everything for the advertising effectiveness of packaging and its importance as figurehead. There is almost no limit for the individual finishing of your products. Whether it’s printing, additions or equipment – everything is high-Quality.

6. All-round-carefree-service!
Our competence is unique: Consulting, trading, distribution, finishing and production go hand in hand at S&Z. As a result, every cooperation is characterized by added value supplemented by versatile service features.

7. ExPErts!
At S&Z you only work together with exPErts who know what to do. To ensure our complex demands regarding our employees’ technical and social competences for our customers, further qualification of our skilled employees and the education of young people is a special concern of ours. In the future we will still need exPErts for packaging solutions, who are capable of developing new solutions on the basis of their knowledge.