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Plastic is valuable and sustainable

The sustainability topic at S&Z Verpackung

Plastic is one of the most sustainable inventions around. Products made of polyethylene prove to be far superior to many others. No other material is as sturdy, as versatile in use and as capable of being 100 % recycled multiple times in an environment-friendly way. There is no alternative to the use of PE in the packaging industry. Once correct recycling is assured, PE does not harm the environment. 

What you should know

Our films are produced without either softeners or stabilisers containing heavy metals or toxins.

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You want to package sustainably?

We provide competent advice on the possibilities available.
You decide how sustainable you wish the solution to be!

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Sie möchten nachhaltiger verpacken?

Wir beraten Sie kompetent dazu, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt. Sie entscheiden, wie nachhaltig die Lösung sein darf!

Topic Quality, e. g.:

Are there alternatives to the PE film articles used? What might the alternative solutions look like?
Are reused materials or bioplastics an option?
Are quality reductions possible?

Topic Resource saving, e.g.:

Can the use of material be reduced?
Is it possible to change over to a different format?
Can the material strength/µm-thickness be reduced?

Topic Price, e. g.:

How much may the sustainable alternative cost?
Could costs be saved through reduced materials usage?
Could costs be saved through optimisation of the disposal channels?

What sustainability objectives are you pursuing?

We would be pleased to support you in your choice.
Please have a word with us! We look forward to your call!

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