How we see ourselves

How professional is our approach?
We take professionalism to mean that, in responding to the requirements and wishes of our customers, each individual does everything to exceed expectations. We live out absolute customer orientation. You will even notice it on the telephone.

What makes S&Z stand out?
The combination of expertise, problem-solving skills, striving for innovation and dedication to service is what makes S&Z unique. This includes consistent focus on technical necessities. We think ahead on every product and every solution.

Why do we love everything except the run-of-the-mill?
In our sector, anyone can trade in mass products and make a quick euro. But what drives us on is the desire to make successful products that don’t yet exist. And we set more milestones than you might think.

Why do we feel so at home in niche areas?
Because nobody can match our niche competence. And because this is where we can make the biggest difference. This feeds into our high motivation.

Why do we turn ideas into solutions?
Because we really listen and because we have an intimate knowledge of both domestic and international markets, we are able to develop appropriate plans and strategies. We are frequently able to offer our customers more than just one good solution.

Why is S&Z so customer oriented?
Because this is what every customer paying for a service has a right to expect. Ultimately, without engaging with the customer and making his project our own, there can be no successful solution.  

Why do we train apprentices?
Knowledge needs to be passed on in order to ensure growth. That’s why promoting young talent is so close to our heart.

In the future too, packaging solution exPErts will be needed who are able to develop new solutions based on what has been learned already.

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